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Trump's move on Hong Kong stems from US domestic political pressure

The current anti-China sentiment is closely related to the pressure of the coming presidential election and the economic difficulties caused by the pandemic.
Source: Global Times 2020/6/1 22:58:40

EU economic actions reflect state interventions they decry

European political elites who are stuck in Eurocentrism should review the history of China-Europe exchanges.
Source: Global Times 2020/6/1 22:28:40

How to measure Trump's impact from Yiwu

The US used to be a great country and the Americans are kind and innocent. But under the leadership of current administration, does the US still have the chance to be great again?
Source: Global Times 2020/6/1 20:02:43

George Floyd murder exposes rotten racism in the US

In 2016, Trump won the popular support from the low- and middle-class white people who felt they were reversely discriminated under the Obama era. Trump himself is a racist president, as Democrats call him. The latest protests may just lead to ever stronger white supremacy.
Source: Global Times 2020/6/1 11:44:34

What to be wary of in robust EU strategy toward China?

Europe seems to stress more “value” dimensions of its policy toward China. Despite the fact that China respects Europe's commitments to its own value system, a so-called value-based policy is turning into interference into China's own affairs. This posture will greatly damage the trust China and Europe have built up together for years.
Source: Global Times 2020/5/31 21:48:41

Can China-UK 'golden era' ties be maintained?

Coordination and rifts will co-exist between the two. Beijing and London may enter into a tense accommodation with each other.
Source: Global Times 2020/5/31 19:48:40

Watch out! 'Beautiful sight' in HK is spreading across the US

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi once called the violent protests in Hong Kong "a beautiful sight to behold." Now, the "beautiful sight" is extending from Hong Kong to over a dozen US states. US politicians now can enjoy this sight from their own windows. Quite a few places across the US are witnessing protesters setting police stations on fire, smashing shops, blocking roads, attacking places and destroying various public facilities, as if the radical rioters in Hong Kong somehow snuck into the US and created a mess like they did last year in Hong Kong.
Source: Global Times 2020/5/30 23:47:23

Why China should not fear US sanctions

Trump was all bark and no bite during his press conference as he announced nothing substantial.
Source: Global Times 2020/5/30 17:33:40

Crude, dangerous and na?ve of US trying to encircle China over HKSAR

Trump is trying to incite a new cold war against China.
Source: Global Times 2020/5/30 17:03:40

'Wolverines' represent Washington more than Australia in antagonizing China

As global power shifts, Australia is becoming more sensitive.
Source: Global Times 2020/5/30 9:52:02

US should stand with Minnesota violent protesters as it did with HK rioters

The chaos in Hong Kong has lasted for over a year and military forces have not been dispatched. Yet after only three days of chaos in Minnesota, Trump publicly threatened the use of firepower and implied military forces could be utilized. That is the state of US inequality and another example of the country's double standards. Well, America, what should I say?
Source: Global Times 2020/5/29 18:33:40

False alarm click bait renews calls to curb false info

Netizens need to open their eyes wider, make comments more carefully, and know the whole truth before letting their emotions get provoked. This should be a social consensus. After all, we are all living in an era of information overload. It is our responsibility to treat all information more carefully, and to differentiate truth from rumors.
Source: Global Times 2020/5/29 17:48:40

Canada's new epidemic: coronavirus-induced racism

While Canada has fought hard for decades to become an open and pluralistic society where all cultures can commingle, Trumpism has tainted our society in recent years. His mishandling of the COVID-19 crisis that has killed over 100,000 Americans on his watch is only exacerbating the matter.
Source: Global Times 2020/5/29 13:41:00

Which way will the international winds blow after COVID-19 pandemic?

And perhaps even the president himself, who has shown a degree of rationality in his time in office, can also come to his senses and return to his original program of working together with countries like Russia and China, for the common benefit of humanity.
Source: Global Times 2020/5/29 13:04:25

'I Can't Breathe': Black Lives and White Lies

On Monday, African-American George Floyd was pinned down violently by a white Minneapolis police officer. Knees pressed on his neck, George begged for mercy, "Please, please, please, I can't breathe. Please, man," only to be murdered after 7 minutes' suffocation.
Source: Global Times 2020/5/29 12:13:48

The US is grave of the weak, the old, the poor, and minorities

The death toll of COVID-19 in the US passed 100,000 on Wednesday, the biggest shame for the superpower in more than a century. It reflects the decline of the US political system and the government's blatant dereliction of duty. But no officials were jailed or sacked.
Source: Global Times 2020/5/29 0:44:00

28娱乐Meng ruling makes Ottawa new front line between Washington and Beijing

In the following moves to contain China, the US may escalate its claim saying that China's smart manufacturing threatens the whole industrial chain of the US system. The US strategy to strangle Huawei has rung alarm to the Chinese government and the Chinese companies.
Source: Global Times 2020/5/28 20:53:40

Conclusion and mission on COVID-19

Everyone wants to turn the page on COVID-19 as soon as possible. But lessons are inevitable. And it's up to each of us to decide if those lessons are right.
Source: Global Times 2020/5/28 18:38:41

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